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It's an RP based loosely off Final Fantasy IX. The GM is Author-Man. It is smaller than most other RPs, with only three PCs, not including AM's character. It is still technically open for recruitment.


Story So Far


The world of Terra is made up of vast expanses of a madness inducing gas known as Mist, with cities built on the mountainous plateaus high above the deadly vapors. One such city, the capital of a vast empire, is Talos. It is home to Queen Vienna, and her lovely daughter, the princess Garnet til Talosa XXIII. Another such city is Lindbulm, ruled over by the Regent Arkos Fabool XII and his wife, Hilde. The city of Talos is abuz with rumors; supposedly the legendary band of thieves-turned-theatre troupe, Tantalus, is putting on a performance of the legendary I Want to be Your Canary. Other rumors state that the performance is a ruse for an attempted kidnapping, though those rumors are dismissed as flights of fancy. Everyone knows that Tantalus is on the straight and narrow... right?

Arc I - A Place to Call Home

Nothing much has happened yet. I'll let you know when it does.


Humans - Self explanatory. They can be almost any class, and are generally the most well balanced skillwise of the races.

Moogles - Cute little fuzzy things that everyone adores. Have low health, attack power, and defense, but have excellent magic power and thus make goiod mages, summoners, and alchemists.

The Lou - A race of wolf men, they are the most nimble and fast of the races. This makes them ideal fighters and thieves.

Burumecians - A reclusive country made up of tall, thin, and fast rat people. Thy are the only race that can be Dragoons, and their speed and intellegence make them good thieves and alchemists as well. They have a long standing grudge against the Iyoki.

Iyoki - Massively strong andbulky lizardmen, the Iyoki have high physical strength and endurance, amking them ideal for the juggernaut type classes. They tend to be Knights, Paladins, and other heavy hitting classes. Hate the Burumecians with a firey passion.


Player Characters

  • Drayco is playing as Drayco Ryktale, a slightly slow witted Lou-Iyoki hybrid. He also plays Drayco's self-appointed "sidekick" Mokuro, a moogle alchemist who's just a bit... 'off-center'.
  • Jesse_God_of_Awesome is playing as Maltz, a Black Mage Moogle on a self imposed exile.
  • Author-Man will be playing as a Burumecian thief named Kaya.
  • KylenPhylar has expressed interest, and may or may not join after his upcoming SkyWorld RP gets on its feet.

Non Player Characters

Well, there's Cid von Kraus the Moogle and leader of Tantalus. There's Dimitri, the 10 foot tall Iyoki. There's Emerald, a Lou thief. And that's it so far.


None yet.

The Sign Up Thread

The sign up thread.

The RP Thread

The RP thread.

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